Thursday, July 29, 2010

June results

Sorry it's been so long since I updated. I've gotten used to posting my results in the 2+2 monthly results thread, and started a poker goal thread, so I've kinda been neglecting my blog. June finished off pretty well. Between FT and stars I think I made around $1500 in 90 total hours.

I started this month again trying to maintain a consistent schedule and put in ~40 hours a week. It lasted a little longer than usual but then I decided to take a shot at the 10s and god bitchslapped. I've only played like 900 of them, but its pretty crazy how unlucky Ive been at the 10s. I've decided I'm decently happy with my hourly and how relatively unswingy the 5s are, but it still hurts my prise a little bit that Ive been a loser at the 10s. Whatever though. Heres this month at the 10s.

I've run pretty well at the 5s this month and even though my profit looks to be lower than it was last month, I still made a decent amount. I made a few hundred playing live this month as well. I hadnt played live in some time, and its amazing how much better I am now. When i first starting multitabling online, it seemed to make it so I had trouble focusing on just one table live. It seems to be the complete opposite now. I feel really zoned in and when I have time to focus on all aspects of the game, and play tendencies, I feel completely comfortable and in control. I'm planning on playing 10-20 live MTTs over the next few months, so hopefully that goes well.

I think I'm gonna just miss clearing my ironman midyear bonus this month. I have until Aug 16th, and should clear it the first few days of Aug, so I'm not too worried. I made iron again this month and am to the point now where thats worth around $60 in medals. Will update again in a few days with the totals for the month. gl everyone

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Mid Month Update

Still running under EV, but making some decent profit so far this month. I missed a bunch of days going down to LA, so I cant miss any more days if I want to make iron this month. I've also only played 45 hours so far so I need to step it up I want to match my 100 hours from last month. I havent played on stars at all this month, but I'm gonna start getting back into MTTs on there, and am selling some of my action to reduce variance and help me play more comfortably. Probably gonna play some 9mans while grinding MTTs so Im not "wasting" that time $/hour wise. Here's my graph from this month and also my graph from all the $5.3 6max sts I've played so far on tilt.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Don't call it a comeback

But the last couple days have been a nice upswing. Finally got back in the black for the month. Really liking my grind ethic for the month. Gonna go over 1k game for the month tomorrow. Upswing and updated MTD graphs below.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Off to a bad start/ aka sickest runbad of my life

Been a sick couple of days. Got off to a good start but the last 400 games or so have just been disgusting. At one point I was ~65 BIs under EV over 300 or so games. Starting to snap out of it but still negative for the month from just profit. Havent played any on stars cause I didnt leave that much online because of June 1st and dropping 300 bucks right off but a major dent in my online roll. What really pisses me off is that my redline has been nice and steady the entire month. I've grinded though my badluck and think I've kept at least close to my A game, but I think i have been making a few frustration calls and some lack of concentration plays. My plan is to get my ironman for the month and then move some money over to stars to grind 9mans for the rest of the month. If I can win another 150 bucks before then, ill be able to xfer enough over to stars to have 50 BIs for the 6.50s and leave enough on FT to have 60 BIs for the STs. Have a nice rakeback xfer coming this friday so hopefully by then ill have enough to not worry about my online roll. Here is my play for the month. FML.

May wrapup

Never got around to posting my may results, but better late than never I guess. I put in over 100 hours for the first month ever, but had my worst $/hour month ever. A lot of it was running bad, but I think I might have played a little bad too. Here are my stars and ft graphs, in that order.

I think the super turbos may be drying up but it could just be variance. My green line is leveling out but my redline is still going strong so I guess that's all that matters. Just found out Tilt has a midyear ironman bonus. As long as I make iron this month, Ill get 500 bonus to clear. Nice surprise.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Mid Month Update

So my schedule of course didnt work out. I've still been putting in pretty good hours though. I think I'm on pace to get over 100 hours this month for the first time ever. Unfortunately, I'm running and playing pretty shitty. Even after rakeback and bonuses, my hourly is right at $10. I had a couple pretty crappy days at the 10.3s and have decided to take a break from them. With June 1st coming up, I dont want to leave too much money online and I think it makes more sense to leave ~300 on FT than ~750. I think I'll still stick to the plan of playing 2 hours a day on FT to maintain iron status and then spend the rest of my time grinding 9mans on stars. Here is my FT graph so far this month.

I'm still getting used to the 9mans. I feel really uncomfortable in a lot of situations and feel like I'm missing a lot of profitable shoves, and also making some calls I shouldnt around the bubble. I really need to set aside 5 hours next week to review 5 and 4 handed play. My ROI is around 5% but it's only been 500 games and I feel like I should be able to get 10%. I'm currently 26 tabling continous, but I think I can prob get it up to 30 after a little more practice and familiarity with the format. Here's the stars graph.

I'm gonna finish my ironman for the month in about a week and then i think I'm gonna spend the rest of the month just grinding on stars. I only have 2 more days to clear my stars reload bonus, but I've cleared most of it already so it shouldnt be a problem.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Tentative Schedule for the Week

The last time I tried to keep a schedule, it fizzled out within a few days. I'm hoping now that I have a firmer grasp on the formats that I play, variance during my sets won't phase me as much and lead to quitting early. I'm really just looking to try and maintain for this one week, just to see what it's gonna be like to play 40 hours in a week.

So my plan is to play ~7 scheduled hours mon-fri and 5 whenever hours during the weekend. I'm gonna play 1030-1130 after I wake up. Then run. Do 3 sets of 12 games in between core exercises I do after I run. 3 hour session of 6.50/9s on stars between 2 and 5. Then 6 table and game select 10.5s between 8 and 10pm. All my morning play will be 5.3s on FT.

Might put in an hour or two less tomorrow. I'm not as sick, but am still running a fever. Even if i was feeling great, doing a 7 hour day when the max I've done in a while is 5 is gonna be a little tough. I'm sure Ill end up playing more than 5 hours next weekend so I dont think taking it easy. I really need to buckle down and put some good grinding in on stars. I well behind pace of clearing my reload deposit before it expires on the 20th. It's free money and I'm wanting to give the games on stars a chance so it's kind of stupid not to do it. I guess I'm leaving it til last minute like I do with most things in my life.