Thursday, July 29, 2010

June results

Sorry it's been so long since I updated. I've gotten used to posting my results in the 2+2 monthly results thread, and started a poker goal thread, so I've kinda been neglecting my blog. June finished off pretty well. Between FT and stars I think I made around $1500 in 90 total hours.

I started this month again trying to maintain a consistent schedule and put in ~40 hours a week. It lasted a little longer than usual but then I decided to take a shot at the 10s and god bitchslapped. I've only played like 900 of them, but its pretty crazy how unlucky Ive been at the 10s. I've decided I'm decently happy with my hourly and how relatively unswingy the 5s are, but it still hurts my prise a little bit that Ive been a loser at the 10s. Whatever though. Heres this month at the 10s.

I've run pretty well at the 5s this month and even though my profit looks to be lower than it was last month, I still made a decent amount. I made a few hundred playing live this month as well. I hadnt played live in some time, and its amazing how much better I am now. When i first starting multitabling online, it seemed to make it so I had trouble focusing on just one table live. It seems to be the complete opposite now. I feel really zoned in and when I have time to focus on all aspects of the game, and play tendencies, I feel completely comfortable and in control. I'm planning on playing 10-20 live MTTs over the next few months, so hopefully that goes well.

I think I'm gonna just miss clearing my ironman midyear bonus this month. I have until Aug 16th, and should clear it the first few days of Aug, so I'm not too worried. I made iron again this month and am to the point now where thats worth around $60 in medals. Will update again in a few days with the totals for the month. gl everyone

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